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Spending a sunny day on the beach is perhaps one of the most popular and free activities you can do in Los Angeles. If you're looking for something off the beaten track, head south to explore the city's less-visited beach communities, including Manhattan, Hermosa and Redondo. Everyone has their favorite beach, whether Venice or Santa Monica, but each beach has its own history, culture, history and culture.

On the west side of Los Angeles, visit the Wilshire Corridor, home to Museum Row and the Petersen Automotive Museum. The Walk of Fame runs along Hollywood Boulevard and is a popular tourist attraction and home to the Hollywood Museum of Natural History.

Parking is free and there are many hiking trails in Griffith Park, including the Hollywood Trail. Access to the Hollywood sign can be hiked from one of the many parks in Los Angeles County, with access to the sign hiking from Griffith Park.

There are also many gardens that you can visit for free, and no fees are charged, but there are also plenty of garden parking in the park, as well as a parking lot near the Hollywood sign.

While Griffith Observatory is one of the best vantage points in Los Angeles, offering views of your entire city, you should consider whether or not it is worth a visit during your stay in LA. I love this museum, but I'm not particularly interested in the museum itself, so I'm not a big fan.

If you're a fan of classic cinema or just want to walk through some of Los Angeles "most famous thoroughfares, Sunset Boulevard is a picturesque street that stretches from the Pacific Palisades neighborhood along the coast to downtown L.A. re on Santa Monica Boulevard, there is historic Route 66, which crosses Santa Monica and ends at Santa Ana Pier, a popular tourist attraction in the heart of the city overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It is not only a great place for people to watch and take pictures, but it also houses a number of great restaurants, bars and shops, as well as a variety of art galleries.

The park is an entertaining attraction and the home of Urban Lights is a popular place for tourist photography. It shares a block with the famous Hollywood sign, which can be seen quite well from there. There are more places to visit if you're lucky enough to find a parking spot, as well as a number of great restaurants, bars and shops along Sunset Boulevard, so there's more space to look at and more things to see.

Griffith Park is a great place for kids to do activities, and Los Angeles has a lot to offer beforehand. The above offers, from exploring Santa Monica Pier to staying at Universal and CityWalk, are ideal for families. If you're traveling with your family, there are plenty of fun things to do with kids in and around Los Angeles.

With a few other mountain ranges around the Los Angeles metropolitan area, L.A. has no shortage of hiking opportunities. Here is a list of the best hikes in the area that can be reached by Los Angeles day trips.

A visit to Universal Studios Hollywood will bring three classic L.A. experiences to life in one go: a studio tour, a visit to an amusement park, and a stroll through an outdoor megamall.

Although many attractions in Los Angeles are free if you know where to look, it's worth knowing that you'll have to pay for some, especially flights to LA and hotel accommodations. Santa Monica Pier is one of those places you really shouldn't miss, as it is within walking distance of many of the city's most popular attractions and offers spectacular views of downtown L.A. and the Pacific Ocean on a clear day. It can cost a bit of money to explore the many attractions at Santa Barbara Pier, such as the California Aquarium, but even if you can't get a ride, the pier is free and worth a visit. If you're on a budget, you should know what you can get in the form of free parking and free park access before you spend a penny on a flight, hotel or lodging in LA.

This guided studio tour of the Los Angeles film and television studios is a great opportunity to learn how movies and TV shows are made, or just admire the special effects.

Surrounded by stunning views of the Los Angeles skyline and Hollywood Hills, the hotel offers a variety of historic buildings and landmarks.

A true Hollywood gem is the Los Angeles County Register of Historic Places Observatory at the Hollywood & Highland Observatory. Located in the heart of Hollywood, a short walk from the Beverly Hills Hotel, the Observatory offers a glimpse of Hollywood glamour of the past. Registered as a National Historic Landmark in 1990 and California State Historic Site in 2006, it offers insights into its past in many ways.

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