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The UCLA Bruins' 2019 football season ended in disappointment with a loss to the Arizona State Wildcats in the Pac-12 Conference championship game. The Bruins finished the season with an 8-5 record and lost to a team from the Pacific-12 Conference, the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Bruins.

US dropped out of the first round of the College Football Playoffs after losing to the Arizona State Wildcats on Saturday, November 3, 2019.

The loss meant the Bruins finished with a 5-7 record, ending the season after losses to Utah, USC and Cal. The season would have ended if UCLA had beaten rival USC in a less-than-close game. UCLA would have won, but the victory kept the Trojans out of the title game and broke UCLA's streak of the season - the end of injuries and the long-term history of that rivalry.

To get there, the Bruins had won 11 of their last 14 games before falling to 8-9 after a home loss to Stanford on Jan. 15.

The Bruins, who lost to Ohio State in Cleveland on December 19, have not played since and will not play again until the end of the regular season on January 27. UCLA, the top seed in the conference tournament, has not played since the 72-71 loss at Cleveland on December 19.

The University of Montana is already the Grizzlies and didn't want two, so UCLA joined the Pacific Coast Conference in 1928. The Bruins haven't contested their first game since joining in 1929, a game against the Montana Grizzlies, the only team in the conference.

They lost to crosstown rival USC in the regular season finale, finishing one game behind Oregon. They lost in their last game of the season to Oregon State, but not a single point. The Bruins also lost at home to Oregon State on the road, in a game with a score of 7-0.

After USC scored 10 consecutive points, including a 65-yard connection to Slovis London, Felton made it 21-10 with 20 seconds left in the first half for UCLA. UCLA took a 38-36 lead with 52 seconds left, but USC (5-0) answered quickly with two field goals and a touchdown pass from Matt Leinart.

U did what it needed to do, closing the game with a 13-4 run to pull to 3-0 and 2-1 overall in the Pac-12 Conference. The final image of the season for Bruins fans was stopped on fourth down to end that game. In the end, UCLA shot 33-for-3 from the field, the highest total since the 33-3 loss to the Pacific 12 Conference in 2011.

Since moving to the stadium, UCLA has played in five Rose Bowl games, including the first Pac-12 championship game in program history. Since the Bruins won the Rose Bowl after the 1975 season, the Pac-8 and Big Ten have not allowed multiple bowl teams. In 2011 and 2012, they played in Pac-12 football championship games, and for two years in a row they were a member of the College Football Playoff National Championship Game. The Bruins also made it to the semifinals of the NCAA tournament this year for the second straight year and the third time in four years and are in the NCAA tournament, taking on Tennessee and Maryland in two games to reach the Sweet 16 for the fourth straight time.

The Bruins will wear 1967 backup ammunition for the first time this season, starting with the normal helmets the team wore against USC. The Bruins will also wear the 1967 "throwback uniforms" at the Rose Bowl while wearing the teams "normal helmets against USC.

The UCLA Bruins couldn't keep up with Utah's pace and give Utah a run for its win, and USC finished the season with a 5-0 record after beating the Bruins. The showdown with Stanford eventually came, but once again the UCLA-USC game decided the Pac-12 West Division title and the Conference Championship Game. It was expected to be a battle between two of the best teams in college football, USC and Stanford Cardinal.

The Bruins had the Pac-12 West Division title and a trip to Cal for the Conference Championship Game, but could miss the postseason altogether.

When the Pac-12 released its revised schedule in October, the Golden Bears and Bruins faced off for the first time since 1932. After all, Cal and UCLA are two of the best teams in the nation and the two best in their respective conferences. Pac 12 Conference play was scheduled to begin last week with Utah at UCLA, but both teams had postponed games due to Covic's 19 concerns. Next week UCLA - Oregon game was knocked back from Friday to Saturday, then two days later it took the Bruins three overtime to get past Pepperdine in an SDSU event.

In UCLA's two games, Jalen Hill might not have had his best game of the season, or perhaps the Bruins "defense stifled Stanford and held them to just two points in the first half and just one point in overtime. After Seattle, Cal and San Diego were easily overcome, all that was fixed, but what went wrong in the next two games against Stanford and Pepperdine?

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