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Minutes from LAX, Cambria Hotel and Suites in El Segundo offers modern boutiques and is just five minutes from Beverly and Rodeo Drive. Located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, just blocks from the Beverly Hills Convention Center, this luxurious hotel with spa and angels is the perfect place to live the California dream. Our luxurious amenities include a full-service spa and fitness center, private pool, private dining room and spa with spa services.

The hotel offers guests access to a full-service fitness center, a private swimming pool and a private dining room with spa services. Guests can visit one of the most popular restaurants in the world, such as La Brea Market, La Cienega Restaurant or the Los Angeles County Fair.

Enjoy Santa Monica by car or book, or catch the Hollywood Expo train to downtown LA, as listed in our Booking Guide. You can also be in Los Angeles County for a day trip to the Santa Barbara County Fair or LA International Airport.

During a stay at the Santa Monica Motel, guests can experience a variety of new and improved cleanliness protocols. We will be located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, just blocks from Hollywood Expo and LA International Airport. Our full-service restaurant, bar and hair salon is located on one of the most popular shopping streets in downtown LA, adjacent to the LA County Fair and Expo Center.

Downtown Santa Monica is home to some of the most popular restaurants, bars and hair salons in the Los Angeles area. Consider booking a hotel in this area as we are centrally located, or book at one of our other downtown LA hotels, such as the Beverly Hills Motel.

Book the right hotel through our online hotel booking service, Booking.com, to find great deals on hundreds of websites and browse through thousands of hotels, restaurants, bars and hairdressers in the Los Angeles area. You can also surf online to see and find hotels near you, such as the Beverly Hills Motel, the Santa Monica Hotel and many more.

Check out the 14 of 38 Santa Monica hotels we reviewed and learn more about the Beverly Hills Motel, Los Angeles Hotel and many more hotels near you.

This hotel dates back to the days when Santa Monica was the last train station in Los Angeles and travelers from all over the world came to the beach year-round. The hotel is a two-star hotel and the only one of its kind in the city with a restaurant and a full service bar. The room is complete - in order - with a suite and can accommodate up to four people, as well as a private dining room and spa. There is an outdoor living room, dining room, outdoor pool and beehive with views of the Pacific Ocean and beach, and a pool deck.

In fact, Travel & Leisure magazine called it one of the best hotels in Los Angeles, and even the second best hotel in the world.

The Loews Santa Monica Beach has undeniably great deals and is one of the best hotels in Los Angeles to maximize your stay in SantaMonica.

The Beverly Wilshire Hotel in the United States is one of the oldest hotels in Beverly Hills, California. The address is located on the corner of Beverly Boulevard and Beverly Drive in the West Village of Los Angeles. The average room rate for a night at this hotel is $1,310 and it is located just a few blocks from the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Hollywood Bowl is 4 km from the property, and there is a hotel located between I-5, 10 and 405 freeways.

Santa Monica is the place to stay in Southern California, home to 134 hotels and other accommodations, and you'll find something perfect for your stay. Offering a wide selection of luxurious and affordable accommodations, the Santa Monica Hotel Collection is centrally located in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. With easy access to I-405 and 10, the hotel is the perfect place to experience everything the area has to offer. Whether you're looking for fun in the sun or a private spa, Hotel California is a great choice for a budget hotel for those on a budget or a budget.

Santa Monica is just a short walk from downtown Los Angeles and within walking distance of many of the city's most popular attractions. The location provides easy access to all major Santa Monica attractions, including shopping, dining, shopping and entertainment.

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