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Aussie - Coffee and café fare , I am pleased to introduce you all to the new Aussie Coffee and Cafe at the Los Angeles California Westin Hotel. Located in the heart of downtown LA, just blocks from the Beverly Hills Convention Center, nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Golden Gate Bridge, we are happy to introduce you to the coffees, cafes and Aussie-style dishes. The Huskies enjoy gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and vegan options, as well as a wide selection of local and local craft beers.

HUSK Bakeshop GF Multigrain Toast, seasoned with classic avocado and served with a generous dollop of vegan butter and a dash of maple syrup and fresh basil.

A jug of steamed, silky, textured milk, dusted with chocolate shavings, spun with a double shot of espresso and cocoa. A jug of steamed, silky textured milk dusted with chocolate shaver, spins with double espresso shot, cocoa and a steaming, silky texture of milk powder with chocolates and shaves.

A single espresso from Origin rested gently in a small amount of hot water in dilution similar to an Americano in small glasses. A double espresso and cocoa shot, spun with a jug of your choice from milk, poured over ice and served with steamed milk in smaller glasses, chocolates and shaves.

If it is breakfast in bed, you can enjoy a bowl of toast in your room or enjoy your bowl and toast at the bar. Take advantage of 24-hour room service and take something with you on the way. In the lobby you can enjoy an avocado smash or flat white, grab a bite or take an appetizer or - a little outside - the - from the restaurant menu.

The attached lounge serves free starters every night and there is also an airport lounge, which in some cases provides entertainment. The ground floor restaurant, Daily Grill, is a convenient and reliable dining option for large groups, but the hotel's spacious outdoor pool is also suitable for traveling families. For outdoor weddings, the pool with its large pool patio offers plenty of space for unforgettable occasions. Couples can enjoy the opportunity to host a variety of wedding parties at this versatile venue.

Members of the hotel staff run weekly morning runs, and the New Balance sneakers ($5 each) are available for hire in various sizes. The fitness room - theme room is equipped with a Peloton stand-up bike that pushes you out of the window, making it feel like you're pedalling in an airplane. The well-equipped gym on the third floor offers weekly fitness classes and membership events, as well as a weekly group tour under the guidance of a hotel employee.

There are many amenities to help guests relax and recharge their batteries, including a heated pool, hot tub, hot tub and gym. Guests can keep fit and healthy by using the on-site fitness center with gym, gym, sauna, steam room, massage room and saunas. Refreshment in the heated pools, fitness rooms and spa areas is available for $5 per day, $10 per week or $20 per month.

The constant waves make Los Angeles Westin a popular destination for surfers heading to this part of SoCal. The wide surf course, 13 minutes by car from the hotel, and the constant waves make it an ideal destination for all surfers who want to make an excursion from part or all of SoCal.

Business travelers who like to stay up to date when traveling will spend a day at the fitness and wellness facilities. Even if you can't get out of bed at 7 a.m. on Tuesday, it's nice to know that this hotel attracts self-disciplined guests.

As someone who has lived on this property before, I am sure that I'm not sure what to do. # I told others, but I am committed to ensuring that this celebration exceeds all expectations.

When you're in LA, you'll have expert staff on hand to book you in and wait all summer to tackle the waves and surf all year round. If you are outside of LA, you do not have to wait until the end of the season to surf, but if you sign up, the proven expert is on hand.

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