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While the number of 19 cases in Los Angeles County continues to rise, authorities announced Sunday that restaurants and bars will be banned for three weeks starting Wednesday. Faced with the challenges facing the restaurant and hospitality industry, the California Department of Food and Drug (CAFDA) and LA County Health Department have announced that outdoor dining in restaurants will be closed due to the wave of new cases of coronavirus. According to a press release from the L.A. County Sheriff's Department, the outdoor dining will end for the first time in the county's history. The closure of the outlet's culinary restaurant on Sunday was not unexpected, but it has forced some to turn to building more business.

Located on Sunset Avenue in Venice Beach, the Gjusta serves a wide range of food and drinks, as well as live music and entertainment. The low-space café is owned by the city and has established itself throughout Venice, downtown and Atwater Village.

If you want to eat sushi, make sure you spend a night in Malibu or check out the Highland OG location to experience it all. You have two locations in the LA area, so make it a date with your significant other or just go out with friends. Whether you enjoy the valley during the day for sitting or having breakfast, you can try both in Los Angeles, whether you are traveling with a group of friends, a family group or even just for yourself.

If you have a friend who is so impatient and complains every five seconds while he is in line to eat, this restaurant has a bar. The restaurant has rented its space from the former owner of Elsa's Bakery, who, despite being committed to the history of the place, still bakes Mexican wedding cookies every day. What used to be a truck now serves incredible tacos to locals and visitors from LA. Rest assured that tacos and shrimp tacos are the only type of tacos you can get here, and they are among the best in town.

I love the whole Maine lobster, fried in tomatoes, basil, lemon and chilli, and I also love her grilled lobster, a kind of giant crab that looks like lobster but eats like lobster.

If you don't want to use the taco sampler, make sure you order the Conchinita, Pibil Mole and Poblano Tacos. If you want a good taco with a menu item that will pique your curiosity, go to Guerilla Tacos.

While many restaurants in Los Angeles are cult-like establishments, the food at Langer's is worth your time and you only need to visit to see the incredible cuisine. If you're looking for the best food in LA, Guelaguetza should be at the top of your list. I love this place and if you're looking for some of LA's best craft beer and good food, you'll want to come here.

Sqirl's in the Silver Lake neighborhood is not your typical cookie, gravy and pancake joint. Brunch is one of the most popular brunch spots in Los Angeles and Farmshop is your first choice for all your weekend needs. You'll be delighted with a bowl of toast and baked goods, but it's all about the food and atmosphere.

This hole in - the - fast-paced - casual eatery tucked away in Chinatown's Far East Plaza is considered the best in L.A. for one reason: The burritos are just damn good. There are six tacos on the menu, but the sweet potato tacos are the most popular. The tortillas themselves are so fantastically delicious and have a soft tortilla that soaks up the taco. LA serves some of the most delicious tacos in the world, from tacos to tacos, cheese tacos and cheese-free tacos.

There are many ramen joints that could change our list of the best restaurants in Los Angeles, but Tsujita's is by far our number one choice. There are several great restaurants in LA serving satisfying Thai food, and Night Market Song is ruining everything. This restaurant is known for its dishes from all over the country and captures one person after another, including many celebrities who frequent it. If we could just pick one restaurant in L.A. with the best food in the world, it would be a great place.

Of all the restaurants in Los Angeles on this list, this is the one that is most likely to attract your attention. Foodie women's favourites are the pastries served literally in-house, and the original serves its French dip sandwiches. If you've visited Los Angeles, you may not know what Philippe's is, but it's one of the city's most popular restaurants.

Start your meal at Gracias Madre with a meal of guacamole and gorditas, or roll up a taco and top it off with caramelized onions. The first thing you order at this Thai restaurant is beef, and it's one of the most popular dishes in Los Angeles.

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