Proposal to build big new community north of LA advances

Published 08-30-2018

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LOS ANGELES (AP) - A proposal to build a community of 19,000 homes on vast Tejon Ranch north of Los Angeles has advanced.

The Los Angeles County Regional Planning Commission voted 4-1 Wednesday to recommend that the county Board of Supervisors give its approval.

The Centennial development has faced significant opposition since it was proposed by Tejon Ranch Co. in 1999.

Opponents cite impacts on plant and animal habitats, earthquake and wildfire hazards, traffic congestion and pollution, among others.

Advocates say Centennial would bring housing, jobs and revenues to the county, as well as needed infrastructure in the region 70 miles north of downtown LA.

The Board of Supervisors will take up the proposal with an initial hearing later this year or early next year.

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