Burger King Grills KFC in Latest Commercial

Published 02-21-2019

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The King is officially coming for the throne. The chicken throne, that is. Burger King's latest commercial takes a big shot at Kentucky Fried Chicken as a means to introduce BK's new flame-grilled chicken sandwich, and let's just say they are really dragging KFC's colonel through the flames.

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As part of the new promotion for their grilled chicken sandwich made with white meat chicken marinated with spices, and layered with lettuce, tomato, and honey mustard on a toasted potato bun, Burger King is referring to itself as "K.F.G."

If it sounds a lot like KFC, that's on purpose. The initials stand for "King of Flame-Grillin'," and according to the ad, "When it comes to flame-grillin' the king always outranks the colonel." Oof!

To further brandish their rank as the king of flame-grillin' in KFC's face, the fastest drive-thru chain in America will also be wrapping the sandwiches at select BK restaurants in Kentucky, Miami, Los Angeles, and New York in limited-edition K.F.G. wrappers beginning February 21, when they will be released as a permanent menu item nationwide.

This is hardly the first time Burger King has fired shots at another fast-food chain. Last year the chain offered Whoppers for a penny, if you went to McDonald's. But while they might think they're the king of flame-grilled chicken, they've got nothing on the 75 best fried chicken places in America.

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