Olivia Munn finds little support from 'Predator' peers

Published 09-09-2018

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TORONTO (AP) - Actress Olivia Munn says she has found little support from her "Predator" co-stars and director after a Los Angeles Times report revealed that Twentieth Century Fox had removed a scene that featured a man who is a registered sex offender. Munn alerted the studio to Steven Wilder Striegel's status and the scene was cut within 24 hours.

In a round of press at the Toronto International Film Festival on Saturday, Munn describes feeling lonely and isolated in the wake of the report. Some of her cast mates have backed out of interviews with her, and Munn told Vanity Fair that she has not heard from director Shane Black, who apologized in a statement for casting his friend.

The initial article was published hours before the TIFF premiere of "The Predator."

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